Sunday, February 19, 2012

chamchi kimbap chuseayo! 참치 김밥 주세요!

 "참치 김밥 주세요!" is what I said just about everyday for lunch in Ulsan, and today I made some - kind of (^_^)

"kim-bap" in Korean: 김밥 is this inside-out Korean sushi-like dish which comes from combining the words "kim" 김 (the dried seaweed paper) and "bap" 밥 (rice).  There are many different types of kimbap (even not-so-good ones like "cheese kimbap") but "chamchi" 참치 (tuna) is my favorite.

My kimbap 김밥 lacked some of the regular ingredients, but it did the trick!
...and of course I made my weekly trip to Eastern Market and got some home-made kimchi 김치 and pickled diakon 깍두기from the nice Imo from Daejeon! To learn more about how to make "real" kimbap go here!   

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